Help Us Help Tenants


There is a huge need for collective action on the part of landlords. We must unite as one and make sure our voice is heard. Tenants are organizing rent strikes we must speak up. Rebny or RSA doesnt have our interest in mind they dont represent most us smaller landlords. Now that we talked about it and complained about it we must do something about it too. Please sign and share the petition


We cannot rely soley on RSA REBNY CHIP to do all the advocating for the industry. Each and every owner has to do their own advocating..

The state is attempting to create a blanket rule whereby any tenant that claims "hardship" over the COVID 19 does not have to pay rent for at least 3 months from the date of signing. I did not see anywhere where that hardship has to be proven. That means everyone will not pay, including the 2/3 that CAN pay. The blanket rule needs to go. If anything, the tenant needs to prove hardship, perhaps as part of their unemployment claim. That way, a % of them won't pay, and a % will pay.. but at least there will be some level of validation to their claims, not simply their hands in the air claiming "hardship". For those affected, something needs to be worked out.. either deferment of rent, or, a rent voucher or reimbursement from the state to the landlord (that the tenant should secure, not the landlord have to chase down). Everyone is affected.. everyone needs a fair shake..


How is this not theft? How can it be there is no law that protects the property owner? How come the bigger landlords are not fighting these laws?.